Leading organizations know the strategic value of “emotional intelligence” (EI) as a competitive advantage. Circle & Square has been a pioneer in bringing EI to the business world through our training programs.


The business impact of EI

We’ve seen increasing attention in the business community on emotional intelligence, and for good reason. A growing body of research shows that investing in EI creates more engaged, committed employees and customers. EI is key to fostering collaborative and agile teams, building stronger connections with customers, and making companies more profitable.

Circle & Square’s training services focus on building EI and other people skills that are essential to peak performance. For nearly two decades, Circle & Square has supported a wide variety of private and public sector clients in elevating these critical skills in their organizations, addressing challenges such as:

  • Lagging sales and service
  • Customer churn
  • Declines in profitability
  • Change and transition
  • Employee stress, negativity and apathy
  • Team and employee detachment


A key differentiator is our innovative Circle & Square approach. As experts in clinical psychology, we bring those skills and insights to our work with organizations. This allows us to build human connection skills that move clients from a transactional focus to a relationship focus. It’s a proven approach to building individual and organizational effectiveness.

Training that delivers results

Whether you have three employees or 30,000 employees, we implement seamless and integrated training solutions across all levels of an organization. Our training is delivered on-site at your offices in a highly personalized and engaging format, which enriches the learning experience for all participants while boosting their morale and team spirit.