Our Story

Your learning partner for elevating performance

We are Circle & Square, a learning and development team that helps clients harness people skills like emotional intelligence to elevate business performance.

Circle & Square has been delivering learning solutions to leading companies for almost two decades. We offer three core services—training, coaching and consulting—all designed to elevate the performance of your talent by equipping them with “people skills.”

Good people skills include emotional intelligence, leadership skills and interpersonal abilities, and are a key point of advantage in a highly competitive, service-oriented marketplace. Organizations that succeed over the long term rely on strong relationships and connections with their employees and customers, and these are built on a foundation of people skills.

Our name is our aspiration

What’s in a name? In our case, everything. In a world that has become more and more focused on tasks, people often lose their connection with others, including the ability to relate and understand. Our learning solutions focus on shifting mindsets, behaviours and cultures from a task-oriented paradigm (the “Square”) to a more relationship-oriented one (the “Circle”). We value the Circle as much as the Square and believe the two cannot exist in isolation and yield success.

So, we’re all about bringing the Circle and Square together—it’s the outcome we inspire and enable our clients to achieve through our learning solutions.

Rooted in clinical psychology

Circle & Square’s critical differentiator is that our training, coaching and consulting services are rooted in clinical psychology. Founder Barry Pokroy is a clinical psychologist who, at the turn of the millennium, saw a wonderful opportunity to adapt the skills and insights of his profession to meet the top “people challenges” facing today’s organizations. And so, Circle & Square was born—a learning and development company offering a powerful new approach to customer service, change management, leadership, and team effectiveness.

Values and Culture

Our mission is to inspire leaders to harness the power of emotional connection to elevate performance.