Behaviour impacts business

After your team goes through Circle & Square’s training, we can guide you on how to ensure the sustainability of the learning through workplace improvements.

Your employees have completed one of our training programs. Now what?

Following the delivery of a Circle & Square training solution, we can recommend ways to embed our learning into the DNA of your organization—so that your people can optimize their new skills and thrive, and you can properly guide and measure the behaviours you’re trying to create.

  • Our training delivers changes in mindset.
  • Our consulting delivers changes in operational effectiveness.

Focusing on your company’s specific environment and challenges, we identify workplace best practices to support employees in fostering and sustaining strong relationships and connections. Our team has a deep understanding of human dynamics and organizational development, especially regarding the social nature of work. We review and advise on:

  • Corporate culture
  • Organizational policies and procedures
  • Guiding principles, mission statements and corporate values
  • Learning and development initiatives
  • Performance scorecards
  • Engagement surveys


Understanding human behaviour

Facilitation promotes objectivity throughout interpersonal engagements for effective resolutions. Our facilitators draw on the richness of psychological theory and insights to manage different personalities.

Sessions that meet the needs of your teams

We facilitate sessions that are personalized to the topics most relevant to your organization. Whether it’s gaining alignment on a strategic retreat or addressing conflict, we help individuals and teams move toward meaningful engagement and solutions.


The business impact of EI We’ve seen increasing attention in the business community on emotional intelligence, and for good reason. A growing body of research shows that investing in EI creates more engaged, committed employees and customers. EI is key to fostering collaborative and agile teams, building stronger connections with customers, and making companies more profitable.