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There are peaks and valleys in every organization’s lifecycle. When it’s time to step up to the next level, or when performance or efficiency trend downward, the fresh eyes of a trusted advisor can help you and your organization change gears.

Our team of experienced professionals find solutions to help you maximize your potential. Whether you need to expand into a new line of business, improve operational processes, or are simply looking for ways to reduce expenses, we can help.


When you make lasting and sustainable changes in your people’s performance, you’re making lasting and sustainable improvements to your business.

Farber’s Training & Coaching practice, Circle & Square, provides clients with the clinical psychology-backed training, executive coaching, and consultation methodologies to help your entire team perform at its best. Through seminar-and boardroom-style training, our expert team integrates science, theory, and practice to promote well-being, personal growth, and a sense of belonging.

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Growth and education are lifelong pursuits. The knowledge and skills to become a leader or progress in a leadership position are often best gained through one-on-one leadership coaching.

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We provide the tools and insights that enable effective and meaningful dialogue at all levels of organizational functioning.

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Our leading keynote speaking sessions provide the cutting-edge tools, language, and skills people need to make human connections. Trust, honesty, and the ability to understand one another help humanize management and teams alike which helps create efficient, productive, and stable workforces.

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