Talking So People Listen and Listening So People Talk

April 3, 2017

Barry Pokroy is speaking at a luncheon for the Canadian Society of Association Executives on April 20, 2017.

Barry’s keynote focuses on creating enhanced client/member engagement and increased employee centricity. This is done through the use of a psychological model of connection, which highlights the way in which our relational dynamics can shift to create a more positive impact. Audience members are equipped with the skills and insights to listen, connect and respond differently. A shift in mindset occurs from transactional management (task/process) to relationship management (people).

Audiences are exposed to a psychological theory, which provides a user-friendly language to identify, assess and interpret personality.

This approach also provides participants with insight to their behaviour and the behaviour of others in the workplace through the use of an Egogram—a tool utilized in different settings to connect and understand ourselves, our clients/members and our teams more effectively.